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Z's Body Shaping


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Being a certified personal trainer has enabled me to work with a variety of people with different backgrounds and fitness goals. Incorporationing strength, conditioning and circuit training is critical to effective workout routines. Z's Body Shaping focuses on core, stabilization, power, flexibility, rehabilitation, cardio, speed and agility. I customize innovative, fun and fantastic workout routines depending on your personal fitness goals. Before your first workout, I perform a fitness assessment which will evaluate your strength and weaknesses in areas of posture, movement, strength, flexibility and athletic performance. Before embarking on a training program its essential to correct any existing imbalances to ensure success. I have 5 different  fitness stages for my clients.
First stage: Stabilization Endurance Training
This stage is used for beginning clients who posses muscle imbalance, lack of postural control and stability. This training focuses on the following areas:
Increase stability
Muscle Endurance
Improving Flexibility
Increase Core
Improve Intra and Inter Muscular
Second Stage: Strength Endurance Training
This stage helps increase stabilization, endurance and strength. In this stage we will be using super sets techniques with free weights and will be followed by stabilization exercises. A high amount of volume will be performed in this phase.
Third Stage: Hypertrophy Training
The focus of this stage is on high levels of volumes with minimal rest periods. Muscle change is targeted as well as fat and calorie burn.
Fourth Stage:  Maximal Strength Training
This stage is good for increasing muscle volume
Fifth Stage: Power Training
Focus on high force and an increase of power incorporated with an increase of supersets with dumbbells.

If you have any further questions please contact me at Also feel free to visit my website at

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Frequently Asked Questions

      Why do you need a personal trainer?


1.      Help improve your flexibility, posture and balance.

2.      Help increase your strength and endurance

3.      Help decrease your body fat

4.      Help prevent injury

5.      Helps motivate you

6.      Helps improve your overall health

7.      Help increase your cardio

8.      Help improve your physical appearance and self esteem

9.      Help to lower your resting heart rate and blood pressure

10.  Help maintain a good and healthy diet


What is included in your customized personal training program?



1.Fitness testing and assessment

2.Cardiovascular conditioning training

3.Nutritional program

4.Core and stability training

5.Strength training



How many sessions will I need?


It depends on your goals and the time you need to accomplish them



What does a Personal trainer do?


1.A trainer motivates you

2.A trainer puts a program together that fits your needs and your goals

3.A trainer makes you feel good about yourself and progress after each workout

4.A trainer pushes you, helps you with your nutrition diet and makes sure you are eating a balance diet.



How long will it take to see results?


It depends on how much you put into your workout and how determine you are. It takes 2 months for most of my clients to see noticeable results with all the things I have them do. So if you follow the advice of your trainer and stick to the program you will see results in 6 weeks.

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